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Having found out that there was an increasingly growing need for mental health and personal development industries, he launched in 2012 Todoheart as a digital platform for personal health and personal growth products prior to turning into a multifaceted company. "Fun fact! It all began while dealing with a half broke laptop in a University dorm room," said Obe well that was how Todoheart came to being. It is not surprising why Todoheart recruited its first employees among friends who could not dare to ask salary instead they settled on occasional Wendy lunch since they could not afford McDonald or KFC. The company's mission is to enable people to live a healthy, educated, and wealthy life. Health means mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy lives. Education stands for a system that directs towards passion, purpose, talent, mastery, and resourcefulness to achieve their full potential. Wealth emphasizes ways that help build financial security, freedom, self-reliance, and time by empowering an ecosystem that caters to all people via various mediums.

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Youssouf Obe

Born in Chad on October 6, 1985, Youssouf lived in various countries before moving to Malaysia to study at International Islamic University Malaysia, where he studied economics to major in Business Administration. There he discovered enactus, a non-profit-run organization dedicated to nurturing young people into becoming social entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their community, and eventually became the assistant chief operating officer. Similarly, he joined Toastmasters, a non-profit-run organization in developing people leadership and communication into becoming exemplary leaders and great communicators, and subsequently, he became the club president. Among others, he also joined MUN, AIESEC, UNESCO, and Community Services, etc. During this time that he paid greater attention to personal growth and more importantly to psychological health. Thereafter, he turned to the Counseling and Career Services Center that deals with well-being and career-orientation. Inspired by his instructors, he went on to become an editor of the center newsletter. It is in the pursuit of the psychological benevolence that led him to become a certified positive psychology practitioner from Khalifah Institute.

" Founder | Teacher |Therapist "

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With the company, he launched TodoheartAcademy.com, a cutting-edge digital learning platform that provides for programs, courses, and teachings on personal growth such as entrepreneurial leadership, relational psychology, communicational psychology... well-being to its subscribers and students as well as those who come across.

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He founded Healtyhyah, which is designed to help heal people with learning disability, working pressures, crumbling relationships, speech pathology, mood disorders, decision making difficulties products...

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