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When I was a child the sweetest fruit I came across is todo. It is a seasonal fruit that grows during summer. It is seen after raining season farewell. I could not find it in any other place than my village or state and I did not know in any other language than my mother tongue. Thus, my heart is so attached to it. However, in English language todo is an action verb that considers as passion driver, a sense of destiny or a calling. Only, later when I took Spanish lessons that I found out that todo means all in Spanish. So, it is not further from our mission. The reason we have chosen this name for our company is because we are a mission-driven company. We love what we do and we do what we love. The heart is the most vital organ of the human body, without it, no other organ can survive. The combination of the two words explains that at todoheart we do build products or services that come from our heart or soul spoke products or services. Therefore, whatever we do must resonate with our core values. We are not naïve to believe that we have shortcomings. If, things do not always go in the way we intended is because of our nature of human weakness. Therefore, we warmly welcome positive criticism as an engine of our innovation and growth. Todoheart dives in the digital world. It began as an online personal growth and psychological health company before expanding as a multifaceted platform. It is a company that distinguishes itself as non-conformist and believes wholeheartedly that traditional education; health care system and wealth creation are not benefiting society as they ought to. Therefore, we believe that alternative is the answer and time has given us a choice that we can better the system.